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'[EE]: seld-built PC based oscilloscope'
2000\12\14@150255 by Dan Michaels

>Is there anyone self-built a PC based 2M to 5Msamples/sec oscilloscope
>Or see any web-site talking about self built oscilloscope. I tried with
>parallel port
>for capturing logic signla, but parallel is slow, seem upto a few
>hundred-k only!

You might look at some of the links James Newton has on the
EBB page:

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2000\12\17@221642 by William

Hi, Dan!

I browsed to the link that given by you.

Unfortunately, I can't access to one of the links in that page, which is
talking about 32-nit logic analyser. The link is as follow:-

I tried to go to, and registered last Friday. I tried to
login, but failed. Then, I tried this morning again, still fail. Do you have

any idea how to register in


Dan Michaels wrote:

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2000\12\17@231204 by kben

picon face
I think you just need to use userid=piclist password=piclist
to get to this site

Good Luck,

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