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'[EE]: mouse emulation'
2001\03\07@042627 by mike bolton

To all interested in mice!

Some while ago I designed a mouse emulator for use by a severely
disabled programmer. He had no hand use but could operate a joystick
with his mouth. The 'input' was the two potentiometers from the
joystick and two pressure switches (suck, puff) for the mouse

A two channel A/D converted the joystick pot info to digital. The
rest was coded into a 16C54 PIC (it was 1993!) In the process, I had
to crack the Microsoft mouse protocol. They would not tell me. It is
quite different from the Logitech mouse. If anyone is interested in
the protocol, code or how to get X Y voltages to emulate a mouse,
please contact me direct. (serious requests only please as my time is

In response to my previous mailing, is there no-one out there who has
used a PIC for closed-loop motor speed control?

Mike Bolton

Dr Mike Bolton
Clinical Engineering
Withington Hospital
Manchester M20 2LR   UK
Phone (44) 161 291 3445
Fax   (44) 161 291 3801

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2001\03\07@051232 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
There is a lot of info out on the web about mouse protocols for all the common
PC mice. See this link for basics on serial and PS2. I also came up with a link
on USB quite readily.

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2001\03\07@071531 by Jinx

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I have code for a an F84 mouse emulator at

For that app I needed only the left button - the bit to set for
the right button is easily identifiable

Mr Newton, the gif for the circuit diagram didn't load ???????
It used to

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2001\03\07@092400 by Olin Lathrop

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> In response to my previous mailing, is there no-one out there who has
> used a PIC for closed-loop motor speed control?

I have done similar things several times.

In one case an inner control loop controlled the position of a gear-reduced
DC motor by adjusting PWM H-bridge outputs.  The motor was connected to the
throttle of a gasoline engine.  An outer control loop controlled the speed
of the gasoline engine by adjusting the desired motor position via the inner
control loop.  The PID calculations were done in 24 bit floating point in a
16F876 every 10mS.  The worst case control code time was 7mS per iteration.

Olin Lathrop, embedded systems consultant in Devens Massachusetts
(978) 772-3129,,

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