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PICList Thread
'[EE]: listserv idea for opinions'
2001\08\04@164514 by Mike Kendall

Hello all
   What's the consensus on adding a new [subject] to the MIT PICLIST for
[FPGA].  The
wealth of knowledge and experience here would be a definite bonus.  My
friend has been working with FPGA's and after asking him if there were
listserv's on that subject, arrived at the conclusion that it would be a
great added subject here.  If it doesn't work out well, it can always be
removed later.

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2001\08\04@180758 by Chris Carr

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Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2001 4:48 PM
Subject: [EE]: listserv idea for opinions

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Why add a category for devices that Arizona Microchip promote as being able
to be replaced by a PIC ?


Chris Carr

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2001\08\04@182501 by Mike Kendall

  I'm recommending this because, like Microchip did, nobody is really doing
this for the FPGA's and I think their time has come for
hobby/education/small company use.
  I'm no expert in programming, but is Arizona microchip saying a
microcontroller can make a DSP chip up to 10 times as fast?  Some of the
programable gate arrays make this claim.  Is Arizona microchip saying they
can become the basis for a software based radio?  Once again, when teamed up
with DSP's, the FPGA's are doing this.  The speed of a programmable gate
array will never be touched by the speed of a microcontroller anywhere in
the near future.  The FPGA goes through an initialization at  turn-on, after
which the software is not accessed access time, just the
delay given by the layers of gates in however many nanoseconds that may be
Should the programmable gate array be properly categorized in the area of
DSP discussions....maybe/maybe-not, I think that  it  would be "not" based
on the multiple uses for them.  The microcontroller, and FPGA each have
their proper place at this time.
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