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'[EE]: graphical LCDs'
2002\08\20@153049 by Benjamin Bromilow

Hi all,

I'm just about to hook a PIC up to my Encore GPS unit. One question
though.... am I right in thinking that the difference between a graphical
LCD and a character one is that the whole of the display is programable (ie
there are no gaps)? Also, am I right in thinking I have to still program
each block in the graphics memory (ie there are no line / shape drawing
procedures built in)??? Oops, thats two questions!!!


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2002\08\21@010049 by David Harris

picon face
Yes, and yes, but there are some 'smart' displays -- check out for prices and info -- I think they are very good
value for money if you are looking for new rather than surplus, otherwise look
at and

Benjamin Bromilow wrote:

{Quote hidden}

David Harris
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