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'[EE]: globe failure'
2000\09\20@162354 by Lance Allen

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On 20 Sep 2000, at 19:22, Roman Black wrote:

> Usually when the glass goes black that shows a high level
> of vaporisation of the element wire, in a fuse this would
> indicate very high inrush current but in a globe it almost
> certainly indicates failure of the atmospheric seal and
> air was in the globe when it powered up. If you don't
> believe me drill a little hole through the base of a new
> globe and power it up and see what happens to the filament.
> :o)
My experience with halogens (damaging 15 or so 50Watt bulbs
during development on one project) is that black inside the bulb
glass is over voltage, the tungsten as boiled off and not re-
amalgamated with the filament. Boiling and reamalgamating is the
normal process for a halogen lamp, note: dimming can interfere with
this cycle too and you can shorten the life of the bulb if it is running
too cold for what it is designed.

Lance Allen
Technical Officer
Uni of Auckland
Psych Dept
New Zealand


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