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'[EE]: fast lead-acid battery charger'
2003\11\23@052005 by Samo Benedicic

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Does anybody have any plan or a link to a lead-acid
baterry charger. It should be as fast as possible,
since the capacity of battery is 250Ah and the charger
would be powered from portable 220VAC generator.

Regards, Samo

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2003\11\23@155129 by Steve Smith

12v 40A switchmode and wind the voltage up to 14v (assuming 12v battery)
Batteries need to be constant voltage charged and any old psu including
a transformer rectifier will do just limit the ac current in the battery
to less than 7% of the battery capacity and don't try and charge above
C2 (1/2 AH rating) or you will buckle the plates. Fastest charge is two
rate where you take the battery to 2.35vpc for a period until the
current drops to <10% capacity then drop the charge rate to 2.27vpc
until the battery is required (this is used on cyclic applications eg
forklift) typically 8 hour boost charge followed by an indefinite float

Regards Steve...

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