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'[EE]: ZIF sockets'
2004\09\22@085818 by Philip Pemberton

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 ISTR there was some talk of the difficulty of finding ZIF sockets that
would fit into turned-pin IC sockets and normal 0.8mm PCB holes. I've just
bought an Aries 28-6554-10 28-way 0.6" ZIF socket - the individual pins are
approx. 0.6mm and fit into a TYCO-Augat turned-pin IC socket and don't appear
to damage the socket either.
 Mine came from Farnell, P/N 178-236. If you've got a paper catalogue, it's
in Book 2, on page 507. On the CD it's listed under "Book 2 -> Semiconductors
- Hardware -> IC Sockets (Dual In Line) -> Universal Zero-Insertion-Force
Test Socket".
 It looks like it'll take any chip from 6 to 28 pins; the pin receptacles
are rectangular, not square. Incidentally, it looks like it's the same socket
that was factory-fitted to my PrEPROM EPROM programmer.

 The datasheet is online at
<> for those who want
to take a look. The recommended PCB hole size (from the d/sheet) is 0.032
inches (or about 0.8mm).

Phil.                              | Acorn Risc PC600 Mk3, SA202, 64MB, 6GB,              | ViewFinder, 10BaseT Ethernet, 2-slice,          | 48xCD, ARCINv6c IDE, SCSI
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