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'[EE]: Wireless communication...'
2000\05\28@190512 by Jim P

Oh - digiscope ...

Do you have any small signal diodes like types 1N914
or 1N4148 diodes on hand?

If these are 'AFSK'  (AM or amplitude or Pulse modulation) a quickie
"RF detector" can be rigged and the data can be 'demodulated' and
seen with a low freq scope.

A DC voltage will also be produced - verifying the prescence of RF.


RF from xmtr to a  50 Ohm  Resistor (load for RF)  to ground ---
--- Anode_diode_Cathode -----  1 K Resistor to gnd --- scope Input

Might also place a 470 pF cap to ground across the 1K R.

Schematically (if this comes through):

RF In---------o ------|< -----o-------o- to scope
                      |                       |           |
                  R 50                 R 1K     470 pF
                      |                       |           |
                     _                      _          _

Hope this helps.

Jim P.

{Original Message removed}

2000\05\28@202749 by Jim P

I visited web page - but could not
find any references to the RF data rcvrs/xmtrs. Looks
like they are 'repping' various other lines of RF products
as well as providing other RF engineering services targetted
for wireless system's operators (cellular, PCS, trunked 2-way,

I've reviewed Linx Technologies products (link below) in the
past - never bought any of their product (except some of the
900 MHz rubber ducky antennas and samples of their 'patch'
antennas). It looks like they have done their homework - they
basically have three tiers of miniature RF data OEM-level
product, each one offering improved performance/features.

They have detailed technical material of their product in pdf form -

They also offer some ready-made eval boards - hook up RS-232
and go!

Jim P.

{Original Message removed}

2000\05\28@232722 by David Huisman

We also have wireless data link modules.

David Huisman
Orbit Communications

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