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'[EE]: Wireless "Solution"'
2003\06\13@232202 by Michael Davidson


I have a "Host" system and a "remote" system. They both need to communicate
back and forth although not necessarily at the same time. It's also fairly
asymmetrical. The host to remote communications need to get around 25
kilobytes / second but the remote to communications could be a lot lower - in
the bytes / second range as it just needs to send requests and the like. The
host module can also be a lot bigger and there's no power concerns, the
remote needs to be as small as possible and be less greedy on the power. It
only needs to have a range of about 30 feet (Anywhere in my apartment, that
is), although if I could go downstairs and pick up my mail or go for a jog
and still have reception, great. I'd ideally like as integrated a solution as
possible. And cheap in small (1 or 2 ;) quantities. Have I asked for an
impossible solution yet?


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2003\06\16@150233 by M. Adam Davis


Has some radio transcievers which will work for data, up to 100kbps.
They are integrated units initially developed for cordless phones.  I
have no experience with them, but they are pretty much exactly what you

Once you get over 20kbps, cheap radios are hard to find.


Michael Davidson wrote:

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2003\06\16@170747 by Marc Nicholas

I actually emailed them over the weekend...but no reply yet :-/

I was surprised how cheap their modules are (and they're just up the road
from me, too). I was wondering if I use them in a design, what regulatory
certification I need? (If any).


On 16/6/03 15:02, "M. Adam Davis" <spam_OUTadampicTakeThisOuTspamUBASICS.COM> wrote:

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