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'[EE]: What good is a microwave?'
2002\05\23@034345 by Pic Dude

Got an old microwave unit that works, but is unused and been sitting around
collecting dust for years.  Instead of the Ebay hassle to get $20 for it,
are there
any good parts I can swipe out of it?  I'm thinking of the display and
panel, power supply and motor.  However, being a microwave, I don't want to
just pop it open and start experimenting, without having a plan first.

Then again, should I even bother?  I could just donate it to charity...


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2002\05\23@042543 by Ashley Roll


For one thing.. Put an old CD-ROM* in it you don't want..

Label up. Set for High, Switch on. :) very cool effect.. stinks though so
you may want to do it in a "well ventilated area".

Also try "stacking" then with a centimetre or two between them. Cardboard
makes a nice holder for this purpose.

There are other interesting microwave oven "experiments" out there on the
net.. apparently, grapes can be make to explode or rocket around..

* like that heap of useless AOL CDs.. Wasn't it nice how they used to send
out floppies.. at least they had _some_ use.


Ashley Roll
Digital Nemesis Pty Ltd
Mobile: +61 (0)417 705 718

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2002\05\23@210057 by Scott Stephens

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From: "Pic Dude" <spam_OUTpicdudeTakeThisOuTspamAVN-TECH.COM>
Subject: [EE]: What good is a microwave?

> Got an old microwave
> any good parts I can swipe out of it?

The 2 KV transformer makes a hot Jacob's ladder but will kill you dead if
you let it bite you. It even has a magnetic shunt current limiter. You might
build a cute little jewelry furnace. Common ceramic magnets absorb
microwaves and get hot. If you're real clever, you might turn it into an
electrode-less CO2 laser or build a microwave particle accelerator and
synthesize radio-isotopes in your very own nuclear reactor 8^)


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