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'[EE]: Ultrasonic detector'
2003\05\23@052251 by Tal


Can an US detector work outdoor?
or it need a defined space like a room or in-car only?
I want to use it as a visitor signal near the house gate.



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2003\05\24@050318 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
A us sender/detector pair will work anywhere but outside it is very prone
to interference. Unlike pir it will react to cats, moving grass,
newspapers carried by the wind, birds, and larger insects.

Inside they work much better because things do not move so much and they
set up a standing wave pattern whose disturbance causes the alarm. This
gives much more signal than an open field sonar or reflector type sensor
as you would use outdoors.

Imho get a pir based sensor and modify it to suit your purpose. And make
very sure the sun cannot illuminate it, no matter what the time of day.


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