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'[EE]: Troubles with thick solder paste'
2002\03\19@203952 by Djula Djarmati


   A friend of mine is doing SMD assembly and he uses a quite expensive
dispenser - the type with a pneumatic piston in a syringe, timer, different
needles etc.
   He has troubles with the solder paste - it's too thick to dispense
nicely. He tried to dilute the paste with different thinners and it worked
but the flux lost its properties and the solder balls happily oxidized.
  Maybe the solder paste is too old? Can it be rejuvenated? The dispensing
wasn't very smooth even when the paste was new...


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2002\03\19@205244 by Daniel E. Kleinert Jr.

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If the tube is not being used on a regular basis or was old before you
bought it, the paste will dry out and become hard to use.  You must make
sure you take the tip off after use and cover the tube.

One trick I have had success with is to remove the tip and pump out a good
amount of paste and then put on a new tip.  Hate to be wasteful but it is
better than tossing the entire tube.

Also to possibly save the tube one might try the next size up of tip.  This
is tricky if you are doing a great deal of soldering but is sometimes the
only solution.

Also, I keep the new tubes I buy in the refrigerator until a day or so
before use.  Seems to help keep them fresh.


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