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'[EE]: Time for LED home lighting? LG quality...'
2007\09\07@145858 by Robert Rolf

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Dario Greggio wrote:

> Richard Pytelewski wrote:
>>re:"LG" Products
>>Had an experienced appliance repairman to fix the refrigerator (not
>>LG) last week and he said that he dreads working on LG products -[...] He warned against buying
>>anything LG. FYI.....
> in my experience, OTOH, I always found them rather good & reliable.
> Sure, things can change quick ...

While it MAY be a case of differences between product lines, the LG brand CD-R drives
I had a few years ago would NOT reliably read audio disks at anything other than
1x speed. They would just 'hang' at higher speeds. Made ripping a CD a PITA.
Finally changed the drives for cheap AOpen's and Acers' and had no more problems.
 I have heard of DOA LG LCD monitors (I know a dealer quite well and his tech HATES
the LG failure rates), so I too avoid LG as a matter of policy.
And their washer/driers are flimsily built (I bothered to look just to be 'diligent').


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