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'[EE]: Thermostat circuit needed'
2002\06\04@125424 by Roman Black

Michael Imsic wrote:
> Roman,
> The hot box consists of two 25 watt globes fitted to a large foam
> container.  The globes are wired to a dimmer switch which allows me to
> control the temperature.  I don't need prescise regulation, more over
> temp protection.  For example the heating turned off at about 40 deg. C
> (104F) and back on again at 20 deg. C (68F).  I would love to hear about
> your incubator.

(changed topic to EE)
Hi Michael, i'm using a wooden box about 2 cubic
feet, one 100w light globe. Globe has 7% drop
resistor to give globe life over hundreds of thousands
switching cycles and switched by a relay at 240vac.

Circuit is just 3 transistors, common collector amps
each with about 10 gain, so 1000 gain total, a pot
and nice large dial. Thermostat from junkbox.
Adjustable from about 25'C to 55'C. Works like a
charm, keeps temp within about 0.2'C of where you
set the pot. We use it for curing resins and I
also use it a lot for drying things, great at about
40'C. All built from junk in an afternoon. :o)

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