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'[EE]: Switching Power Supply 15Vdc???'
2002\07\02@094046 by Tinggo Santoso

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Could anyone in this forum give an advice to build a
switching power supply that has a 15Vdc output at 1A at
Please help me, I need it to replace the old fashion of
power supply I've been used for my flash perom programmer
51. So it will reduce the weight and maybe the space for
the board also.
Best regards,

Tinggo S.
Jl.Manyar Tirtomoyo 66
Surabaya 60284 Indonesia
Office:+62 31 5941045 / +62 8123153035
Home:  +62 271 647934

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2002\07\02@110703 by Rick C.

Go to the Linear Tech website and there is a place you can plug in your
requirement parameters and it will pump out the device and circuit you
Click on "power" and go from there.

Tinggo Santoso wrote:

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2002\07\02@113556 by Dal Wheeler

Also national semi has some pretty decent "simple switchers" that'll fit the
bill for small production runs (~$5 (us)/supply for parts).  --look for
lm2675 or such.
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2002\07\02@134835 by Irek Rybark


Did you see:
It is really cool on-line "design and simulate" utility.

Perhaps it can help and besides you can get free samples quickly!


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