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'[EE]: Suggests on FET transistor.'
2008\03\14@124523 by Bob Blick

Hi Massimo,

There are JFETs and MOSFETs as the two most common types. Each comes in
a polarity, N channel or P channel.

If you use them for switching power usually you will use a MOSFET. For
small signal use you will usually use a JFET. I generalize, but it helps
to stick to rules of thumb until you get the feel for the parts.

MOSFETs are enhancement mode, meaning they are normally off.

JFETs are depletion mode, they are normally on.

N-channel parts are cheaper and more available.

If you are coming from a digital background I suggest N-channel MOSFETs
to start with. MOSFETs are available from low to very high power.

BS170 and 2N7000 are cheap small parts you can use to switch LEDs,
relays, buzzers and small motors.

Cheerful regards,


On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 11:30:50 +0100, "Massimo Gaggero" <>
> Hi,
>        I'm going to experiment some circuits with FET transistors and I don't
> know which one to use.
> Does anyone can suggest me a FET for "educational" and general purposes,
> cheap and easy to find (as, for example, BC 557/567 for BJTs)?

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