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'[EE]: Software engineer was: (no subject)'
2002\09\13@171138 by Dal Wheeler

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From: "Dave King" <spam_OUTkingdwsTakeThisOuTspamSHAW.CA>
Subject: Re: [EE]Re: Software engineer was: (no subject)

> >>  Also does anyone have any links where I could get a basic grounding in
> >>electronics quickly? ie. I know if I connect an LED to an output on the

> Unless RatShack is your only option, try and find a wholesaler or
> or retail store that has the parts. It will be a lot cheaper.  Or learn
how to
> desolder and go to garage sales ;-]

Oh no; don't do that last suggestion or you'll have a basement like mine...
:')  If you order a few things from places like or or digikey; you can get stuff cheap enough not to have to
collect garbage (my wife's term; I prefer "resource pile").   The piclist
site has a list of suggested surplus / electronics vendors you should check

Also, you might look at some Forrest Mims books or Art of Electronics for a
"cookie cutter" approach.  You can learn a lot by trying these canned
examples out.


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2002\09\13@180120 by Mark Perri

picon face
If you can afford to spend a few extra bucks (especially if you don't have
any hardware knowledge at all, but still want to jump right into programming
and using pics), then you might think about ordering a kit from Peter

For example, for $139 you can get (cut and pasting from the website)
Complete Development Package - In Circuit Debugger/Programmer plus Jameco
JE25 breadboard, PIC16F877-20/P, 20X4 LCD, 4.0 MHz Resonator, 20 MHz
Crystal, 32.768 kHz Crystal, 5V LEDs, pushbutton, potentiometer, NTC
thermistor, wall power unit, 7805 regulator kit, logic probe

(plus alot of source code for various apps).

If you're looking to quickly start using the 16F877 or one of the other
pics that
support this in circuit debugger, then this can save you alot of time not only
in figuring out how to correctly building a programmer but probably some cost
savings if you were to go and buy the individual parts from radio shack, etc.


>I have just
>joined the list as I am about to embark on a project using a PIC as the
>behind the thing. I guess you can all see my problem, I do not have very
>hardware knowledge.

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