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'[EE]: Signal line fault protection'
2001\02\23@143043 by Dan Michaels

Anyone designing circuits where signal overvoltages may be
a problem might be interested in the MAX367 chip, and a related
article in Electronic Design mag, 19 Feb 2001, p 125:
"PCs Provide Key to Economical Yet Effective ATE"

The article is not yet on their website:

Basically, the MAX367 uses 3 FETs/channel in series in a
pass-transistor configuration which are biased so as to turn
off during overvoltages. I suspect the scheme can be adapted
to discete components.

The MAX367 has 8 channels, but is high-priced [like all Maxim
products] - you pay $6.15 for 24 FETS in a chip.

- dan michaels

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