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'[EE]: Serial (RTC+EEPROM)'
2001\01\19@062306 by D Lloyd

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You are in luck.....

Xicor make a part (X1243, I believe) with a RTC and 2Kx8 of nv RAM.
Interface is I2C (or, 2 wire, depending on if you want to avoid Philips'
royalty fees).

In fact, they have a whole range of I2C RTC devices with nice goodies on
board. Be careful with the layout, however.


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>Is there any SERIAL real-time clock + EEPROM out there ? Could not find it
>from Dallas, Maxim, Atmel,...

Philips do a serial RTC in their I2C range. I think it has CMOS ram as well
not much sense in EEPROM when you need a battery to run the clock :) Check
PCF8593 parts.

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