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PICList Thread
'[EE]: SOIC8 to DIP8 Adapter'
2003\08\19@035755 by Nigel Orr

pic microcontroller discussion list <> wrote on :

> PS.
> How come all [EE:] tags shows up as just "]" in my
> Outlook 2000 SR1 ?
> DS.
> PPS.
> And when started this "colon-inside-of-[]-thing" ?
> DDS.

I think the two are related- I'm on Outlook 98 and it does the same.  If
you look at the headers (on '98 you need to open the message then do
View...Options and look in Internet headers), the whole subject appears but
in the normal view some messages that have a :] header get truncated.

I presume it's a 'feature', probably AutoSmilies or something :] :] :]

Of course, if we all used the right syntax, it wouldn't be a problem :)


What is 'DS' and 'DDS' above- is it a Scandinavian thing, or are you
teaching me some English?
Nigel Orr, Design Engineer       
Axon Instruments Ltd., Wardes Road,Inverurie,Aberdeenshire,UK,AB51 3TT
              Tel:+44 1467 622332 Fax:+44 1467 625235

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2003\08\19@161823 by

picon face
Nigel Orr wrote:

> I presume it's a 'feature', probably AutoSmilies or something :] :] :]

Or something like the auto-remove of multiple "Re:".
Outlook might be confusing EE: with Re: (?).

> PS.
> What is 'DS'...

"DS" is actualy Swedish "Den Samme", or in english "The Same".
For not having to re-type the name once more under the PS text...


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