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'[EE]: Rockets banned?'
2001\09\18@190334 by Sean H. Breheny

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Hi all,

Since I know that there are a fair number of you who are interested in
model or high-power rocketry, I thought I'd run this past you. My local NAR
club just sent this out. It is somewhat understandable that the FAA would
temporarily ban high-power rockets, but I fail to see how anyone could
really make a usable projectile weapon from an A or B class model rocket
engine, that would be any better than a rifle.

Comments? Anyone else heard this?

I put this under EE rather than OT because the recent consensus is that EE
is for all technical/remotely EE connected topics.


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2001\09\19@042314 by Alan B. Pearce

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>I put this under EE rather than OT because the recent consensus is that EE
>is for all technical/remotely EE connected topics.

I understood that the EE tag was for electronics engineering related to PIC
projects, but not involving the PIC itself, and I would therefore have put
this under OT. However, that is just my interpretation, not something I have
seen in the rules.

Having said that, I work at a research lab in the UK which builds
instruments for space research, and a colleague of mine was interested in
model rocketry. One weekend he decided to launch his rocket from a large
lawn area in the front of the lab. Unfortunately instead of going up a long
way, it went up a short way the sideways straight over the top of the lab.
He proceeded to chase it, but the security guards would not let him into the
lab because they thought it was under attack by the IRA :)

I would think that your local club is showing reasonable sense in stopping
launches for a little while until the present situation settles, and keeping
themselves in the good books of the local authorities.

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