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'[EE]: Re: Step up voltage regulator'
2000\05\25@171526 by Roland Andrag

There are various voltage doubler chips available.  I think (one of) the
original chip(so) was the ICL7660, now also available from many other
manufacturers e.g.. MAX7660 from Maxim. To volunteer the info that launched
me into electronics properly: If you ever feel like buying a book that
contains this and a thousand other useful pages of info get 'The Art of
Electronics', by Horowitz and Hill. You won't regret it.


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Subject: Step up voltage regulator

Hi All

Do anyone have any idea in how to step up voltage
like from 5 volts to 10volt
Is there such things call step up regulators?
if there are may i know the part number thanks
i heard that there is one of such device in picstart that step a 9V to 13 V
any oneknow the part number thanks

2000\05\26@112756 by Dan Mulally

A note on the 7660. It does not provide regulation so consider your current
draw to see if the voltage drop is acceptable.


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