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'[EE]: Re: Any comments on Tek 1000 / 2000 series o'
2002\09\23@105500 by James Paul

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We (Applied MEMS) bought one of the TDS2002's to replace a TDS210 that we
had that went bad.   The 2002 was only a few hundred dollars more than the
210, plus it was in color.  Ans as an added bonus, it has built in FFT
capabilities.   This is a plus for us.  We use a Stanford Research Systems
spectrum analyzer for the high accuracy production stuff, but if we want
a quick look at the spectrum, this scope gives us a good idea of what is
happening with our systems.  I can't remember exactly what the cost was
right off hand, but it wasn't too bad.

Bottom line, I believe the TDS2002 is a good scope for the money and would
buy more if the funding were available.  It's only bad point, if you want
to consider it a bad point, is the bandwidth is 60 Mhz with a 1GS/s rate.
From our point of view, this is not a problem because in seismic work,
that's way more BW than actually necessary.  Of course that's why we chose
that particular model in the first place.  I would say you wouldn't be
wrong in choosing any of the models from this lineup.

They're small, light, and work beautifully.  And not too expensive compared
to other alternative units in the same class.  I'd say go for it.  You
won't regret it.



P.S.  Do you think my endorsement subtle?

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