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'[EE]: Re: [PIC]: PicPocket'
2000\11\01@200507 by Tony Nixon

picon face
Dan Michaels wrote:

> BTW, anyone got a good feel for how a v.reg reacts when you
> power it up from the wrong direction - or otherwise drive its
> ouput node higher than its input node?
> [proactive response --> hmmm, just as I thought].

LM317 circuits suggest a diode across input/output to protect against

In the virtual car project I had to have a 7806(TO220) to power the
I-Glasses. The glasses must be fairly tolerant, because i didn't know I
had the 7806 in backwards. It worked for quite some time, but the reg
finally exploded with a familiar 'pop'. It was running off a truck
battery, so there was plenty of current available.

Best regards



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