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'[EE]: Re: [AR] rocket electronics'
2002\09\02@070423 by Russell McMahon

>> I know why crystals and capacitors work, and
>> why they can fail under very high gees, but I'm
>> using resonators.  How do they work (internally i mean)
>> and what makes them fail sometimes?

I'll copy this to another list as well as it should be of wider interest.

The ceramic material in Ceramic Resonators has piezo-electric

Here is a reference which covers piezo ceramics and also other
"electroactive ceramic materials".

The menu on the left hand side links to a number of useful pages eg


The above is a subsite of the UK National Standards laboratory for Physical
measurements. This site has information in a wide range of areas related to
practical engineering applications.

Separate research areas for

Adhesives, Aqueous Corrosion, Ceramics and Hardmetals, Composites,
Electronics Interconnection, High-Temperature Corrosion, Metal Foams,
Polymer Degradation, Polymer Processing, Process Metallurgy, Residual
Stress, Sensors and Functional Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Surface

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2002\09\02@204607 by Scott Stephens

picon face
What a disapointing site. Don't they give anything away? If you do a web
search, there are several fine tutorials on piezoceramics. I see the UK's
NPL is as greedy as some American labs. Extort taxes for research, then sell
the work product back to the people. As unchecked power corrupts, the best
business to be in is government!


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