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'[EE]: RF amp (was: Bouncing messages)'
2002\06\19@010212 by Dale Botkin

> Stability? (Will output always see 50 +j0, built-in VSWR protect, etc)
Needs to withstand stupid user tricks (no antenna, bent antenna, etc) - high
VSWR possible.

> BW? (1 MHz, 10 MHz)
Not picky, xmitter will be fixed at 174.2xx MHz.

> Efficiency?
While powered by 13.8V, it's not critical.  On battery it's a little more
so, but transmissions would be very short (< 300ms) and intermittent.

> Temp range?

Outdoor use...  say -20 to +40 C

> Expected life-time?

Good question.  Forever, if you ask the end user.  3-5 years minimum.  It'll
be potted, but the case can be used as a heat sink.


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