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'[EE]: RA4 voltage'
2001\08\20@060356 by Jinx

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> I frequently use the ULN2803A darlington transistor array
> manufactured by Toshiba and others as a driver.

> Ned Seith

Allegro (formerly Sprague) specialise in power devices and
level conversion chips

Page for the ULN2803

and numerical list of other drivers

I have to admit to committing an oops a couple of weeks
ago. I needed 4 x ULN2003 for a display and couldn't find
any. So I forked out for 4 x ULN2001 (which I thought would
be covered in the databook's ULN200x chapter. Uh-uh. The
2001 is a 12V i/p, urk

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2001\08\20@174703 by Andy Shaw

As always great response. Thanks for the help. I think I'll pick up a few
74xx06 and 74xx07 chips to keep around. Seems like they would be good to
have on hand. I knew about the ULN2003 (used it a couple of times), but I
thought that it might be overkill for this project - don't know why I've
spent more time/money just thinking about it! Still all a good learning

Once again thanks for the help.....


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