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'[EE]: Prototypeing. Was: Voltages'
2001\05\26@210423 by James Newton. Admin 3

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I've had a lot better luck since I switched to wire wrap for prototyping
away from white boards. I invested in a vector "slit-wrap" tool, I crimp and
solder heavy ground wires end-run to a single ground post, and medium weight
power feeds in a tree from a central supply,  and use frequency matched
coupling caps directly between the power pins on each socket. I've done 12
and 25MHz signals and 50 to 75MHz clocks with out noise problems.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)

Chris Pringle wrote on 01-5-19 12:47:

Hi Roman,
Managed to solve the problem in the end. The entire problem was to do with a
dodgy breadboard...grr! So, I can run the entire lot of a regulator now.

I have programmed PICs, but not used them for any application yet. So, at
the moment, I'm just getting to grips with that.

Thanks for the help,


Chris Pringle
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