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'[EE]: Power Factor Controller using PIC'
2002\12\02@063243 by Alan B. Pearce

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> is there anybody who has already implemented a digital power factor
> controller and can enlighten me on this topic? (Maths and more).

There are IC's designed to do this for switched mode power supplies. In
effect they are a switch mode regulator designed to run off an input supply
with a lot of ripple, and produce a much smoother output supply. The object
is to reduce the very narrow high peak current waveform which puts so much
hash on the mains input, and make it easier to filter this. I am aware of
ones made originally by Motorola, now I assume ON Semiconductor.

Check here under "Power Factor Correction",3403,l1%253DAnalog%2526l2%253DPower%252BMan

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