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'[EE]: Opinions spought on Electrostatic'
2001\01\12@011411 by Dwayne Reid

At 05:46 PM 1/12/01 +1300, Russell McMahon wrote:
>I'd be interested in opinions (backed by any available hard data) on what
>constitutes an adequate dissipative surface for a storage container used for
>electronic components.


>The resultant finish produces a resistance of around 200 megohms (!!!)
>across a 1cm distance using standard meter test probes touching the surface.
>(The resistance seems to increase roughly linearly with separation) .
>Is this very high resistance considered adequate for electrostatic
>protection purposes?
>Why not?

It sounds like it will make an *excellent* dissipative surface.  I'd have
to go back and hit the books the ESD auditor left behind, but as I recall,
10e7 thru 10e9 ohms per square is considered to be dissipative.

You want the surface resistance to be so high as to not cause a high
current if a spark does occur from a charged object (or person) touching
the surface, yet low enough that the charge dissipates quickly.  Your 200
Mohms should be right in there.

What is the brand name and part number of the conductive liquid?  How much
did you dilute it and with what?


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