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'[EE]: Operational amplifier survey'
2002\08\25@070302 by Morgan Olsson

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I would like to stock a small assortment of operational amplifiers for quick and convenient use, and i think some people here have suggestions.  (today i often use TL07x, TL05x but i feel need to upgrade)

I would like to select one or two types for each cathegory as listed below.
You are welcome to fill in suggestions, plus reasons why.
And maybe add some cathegory.   (audio / power / video)
Maybe we should add cathegories for comparators too?
 (cheap / fast / low power / with reference)
If somebody know of some good comparision chart or something please post a link.
I dream of a large spreadsheet with lots of parameters neatly in columns, including cost, links to detailed datasheet... -so if somebody don´t have anything else to do... ;)

I am thinking on following cathegories:
     * Decent low cost
LM324/224/124: Cheap quad. Inputs go below GND, output go near GND. 3..30V supply. <9mV Offset.

     * Better (Lower Offset, Lower noise, still not very expensive)
     (-No demand of rail-rail, low voltage etc)

TLE206x (performance upgrade for TL05x, TL07x, and MUCH lower power: typ 0,3mA/OP)
     * ofset about 1mV or better, and low offset drift         (but not chopper)(may be expensive)

     * Fast

     * Low voltage, rail-rail input and outputs

LM6142/6144: 1,8..24V, rail-rail in and out. Offset 0,8..4 mV max depending on part no suffix.

     * Choppers
ICL7650S: Offset max 10uV @ 85°C. Supply +/-3..8V max 3,5mA.  2MHz BW.

     * Instrumental and such (one or more Opamp plus precision resistors)

LT1101: Fixed gain of 10 or 100 (+/- 0,04% max). Supply typ 0,1mA.

LTC1100: Instrumental chopper, OS max 10uV.  Fixed gain of 10 or 100.



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2002\08\25@121028 by Brian Aase

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> ------------------------------------------------
>       * ofset about 1mV or better, and low offset drift
>         (but not chopper)(may be expensive)
> ?
> ------------------------------------------------

LT1097.  (not really that expensive, either.)

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2002\08\25@130921 by Jim

LM108A/LM308A -

GREAT little low-power op-amp, although there are
some new types that may surpass it now, it still
remains one of the lower input-current bipolars
opamps that rivaled FET-input designs in it's day.


If one needs a bit more speed, the LM118 was a good
part (I don't know if these are made/available
anymore!) which I once used in a design to integrate
detected RADAR pulses as a part of a "Missing
Pulse Detector" (Panavia Tornado nose RADAR TFR
transmitter) - the constants for the integrator
were something like 390 Ohms and 270 picoFarads.


Good little 50 Line driver. Probably superseded by
something else these days.

RF Jim

   "Our ability to manufacture fraud has exceeded
    our  ability to detect it."

    - Al Pacino as Viktor Taransky in the movie 'Simone'

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