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'[EE]: New TI devices'
2000\11\13@053119 by Michael Rigby-Jones

Just had a TI flyer land on my desk, some very interesting new bits which I
think may be of interest:

TPS60200 Charge pump.  This is a great little device, it can produce a
regulated 3.3 volt output from an input in the range 1.8 to 3.6 volts, i.e.
a couple of alkaline/nicad/nimh cells.  It can deliver 200mA from a nominal
2.4volt input.  Quiescent is 35 uA and 5uA in shutdown.  It also has low
battery warning output.  Sounds like just the job for battery powered PIC
apps, such as dataloggers etc.

TPS383x A range of ultra low power supervisors.  220 nA typical supply
current.  ISTR that something like this was need by someone on the list not
too long ago.


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