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'[EE]: More efficient motor'
2001\05\23@173234 by Jinx

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I saw this on the news the other night. This Adelaide, Australia
man has added a second rotor to an electric motor to make use
of the fields on both sides of the coils. Whether he's actually
invented something new or just found an application for an old
principle I can't say. I know how reporters pump up a story. The
product he was demonstrating was a bicycle driver. He claims
it will efficiently recharge its own battery too and costs 1/4 the
price of currently available motorising kits (popular in Asia)

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2001\05\24@024428 by Vasile Surducan

Joe, there are a lot of guys on this world which are trying to built
motors, transformers and heating pumps with greatest than one, global
efficiency. ( not electrical efficiency !) We have a lot of articles with
this subject.
In ex-Soviet union there are alredy in use ultrasonic heating pumps which
are generating also electricity.
Special motors with mercury brush have been built.
Permanent magnets excited once at the first start are included in this
curious motors. There is a site with more than 200 guys who built such
I haven't the address but I can find it. Your guy must be one of them !
It's a new interesting research direction only for open minds.
Anyone who never try to overclock a pic or at least a Z80 can't understand
this. [grin]
PS: I like NZ slangs !


On Thu, 24 May 2001, Jinx wrote:

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2001\05\24@073520 by Jinx

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> Your guy must be one of them !

I'm sure Mr Kettridge is sincere and hard-working but like I
said, reporters can blow a story out of all proportion. I remember
one about 6 months ago when a very big deal was made of
GPS being installed in NZ public transport, and those developers
being hailed as "world-beating innovators", yet that system has
been around for several years in other countries.

Well, I guess it's new(s) to the non-technical public, I expect there
are plenty of engineers who've tried what Mr Kettridge is doing to
make a motor more efficient

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2001\05\24@102126 by Russell McMahon

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Y' canna break the laws of Physics!
But many people led interesting lives trying.

There is a place for people to discover what the laws of physics REALLY are
(until someone else rediscovers something different yet again) but MOST of
the power from water / motors that run themselves / conspiracy theory
government hiding the facts people just lack reasonable rigour or a
reasonable sense of reasoning. Some few don't

Heat pumps of course DO allow efficiencies of > 100% :-)

     Russell McMahon

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