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'[EE]: MAX 712/13 Battery charger'
2001\03\07@044539 by Attila Muhi

Hi !

I am using that chip in an application. But I get too little difference between trickle charge and fast charge. Everything is set up correctly according to the data sheet. I use 2 groups of 4 cells in parallell. Do you have any experience of that ?


Attila - SM4RAN
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Från: Steve Bergerson <spam_OUTdbergerTakeThisOuTspamOPTONLINE.NET>
Datum: den 7 mars 2001 02:53
Ämne: MAX 712/13 Battery charger

I just found a new chip.  OK it's not new to all of you but it is really cool.

It is a one chip solution for a nicad/nimh battery charger.  A few extra parts and you have a battery charger.  I built a couple over the weekend.  A 8 cell charger.  A 6 cell charger.  This chip will provide a fast charge for a period of time and then look for either the leveling off point for a end point or a voltage drop end point.

I was going to have a few proto boards built that would be universal.  You add the components and jumpers to the design.  If anyone is interested I will sell these if you want.

From Steve
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2001\03\08@011508 by G Child

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I just whipped up a cct using the 713 last weekend and it works great. At
first I forgot the bypass cap on V+ and the 713 would not switch over to
trickle charge. I have tried different charge currents up to 4 amps. The
trickle charge is the fast charge current divided by 64,32,16 or 8 depending
what you have connected to PGM3. The fast charge current is determined by
Rsense  I=.25/Rsense. I am using a linear mode cct so I need my supply to be
about 3 volts min above max battery charge voltage ie for a 6 cell pack I
need about a 12 volt supply. As for putting the packs in parallel I would
not do this as each group is going to peak at different times.

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2001\03\09@062521 by Diego Sierra


I saw on the datasheet the differences between the 712 and the 713 (it is when
they terminates a fast charge, the 712 when there is no changes in the battery
voltage and the 713 when it fall by at least 2.5mV per cell) ...

... BUT, ¿which should I use for charging NiCd or NiMH cells?, ¿which one is


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