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'[EE]: Looking for part numbers'
2007\02\07@000757 by Alex Harford

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I'm working on a legacy project, trying to source some parts.  There
are two that I'm stumped on:

One is a test point for measuring voltage.  The diameter of the hole
in the panel is approx 3.5mm, I don't have calipers at the moment to
get any more accurate.

Similar to this, but a smaller diameter:

The other is a clip for mounting LEDs.  Same diameter hole as the test point.

On both of these, I think I'm just using the wrong terms.  I've been
trying 'test point', 'socket', 'pin receptable', etc.  For the LEDs
I've been looking at holders, grommets, headers, etc.

I should note that the front panels were already made a long time ago,
they never expected to be sourcing parts for this project again. :)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


2007\02\07@051345 by Vasile Surducan

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search for "Johnson" or "plugs and jacks"

On 2/7/07, Alex Harford <> wrote:
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