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'[EE]: Lithium Ion battery chargers'
2002\08\28@175821 by Dwayne Reid

Good day to all.

I am taking over a project which uses a 2 cell Li-ion battery.  The
existing battery charger looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen: no cell
equalization, no voltage limit.

Does anyone have a favorite charging circuit or a preferred chip / chip set
that works well for them?  I could roll my own but figured that I'd tap the
collective experience of list members first.

Many thanks!


Dwayne Reid   <>
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2002\08\29@044040 by Morgan Olsson

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Hi Dwayne

I´m also about to design a (small) lithium cell and charger system.
(as a part a small thingy)
See ongoing thread "Looking for Lithium cells"

I´m not yet at defining the charger, but there are plenty controller chips available from different manufacturers, from simple onecell charger that pulse on/off from a wall trafo, to much more advanced.

I´ve seen Maxim, Linear technology, National Semiconductor...
you could maybe also try Philips, ST...

Maybe we could also integrate it in out PIC, if we can guarantee reliability.

But the biggest problem is getting hold of the cells.
Where do you get yours from?  Type and size?

I feel we can cooperate on this somehow  :)


Tack för ditt meddelande 22:54 2002-08-28 enligt nedan:
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2002\08\29@044956 by Morgan Olsson

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Hi Dwayne

Lithium charger chips @ digikey:


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