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'[EE]: Lithium Ion Batteries.. I told Ya So Re: Per'
2006\08\18@111340 by Gus S Calabrese

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On 2006-Aug 17, at 22:53hrs PM, William Chops Westfield wrote:

^ Whoa ???   a handgun is not designed to be "lethal" ....that is  
entirely in the
hands of the operator, and is somewhat determined by the ammunition  
( blanks,
salt, rubber, teflon, hollow-point ) and the aim of the operator  
( head, heart, arm,
tire, engine block, radiator, up in the air )    AGSC ^

>> A Tazer is "less lethal" (than eg a Magnum 38), not non-lethal.

A tazer is designed to be basically non-lethal, unlike any handgun.
It's not always non-lethal, or even as non-lethal as it's supposed
to be, but it's more along the lines of fists; lethal occasions are
unexpected accidents...


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