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'[EE]: Light bars with words?'
2002\07\05@220609 by Andrew Errington

How about one of those Brother/Casio/DYMO electronic label makers?  You
can buy clear tape with black lettering, so if there was an invert
feature (and I don't know if there is) you could make the background
black and the letters clear.


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2002\07\07@124615 by Shawn Mulligan

picon face
I've had some success with DIY silk-screening using books that I purchased
at an art supply store and borrowed from a library. Introductory material
would also be available through a college that offers an art or printing

The process is really quite simply and fun, but also quite messy. If I were
to do it again, I would pay a printshop to produce the screen and just do
the actual printing. In fact, I'm planning to have a printshop make a screen
with various sizes of our company logo so we can 'logo' items easily and

>Any idea where I can get some info on DIY silk-screening?
>I hadn't bothered to contact any companies on this, since
>my guess is that it was fairly expensive, hence the move
>to pad-printing by a lot of companies.

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