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'[EE]: LEGO as a training aid for young minds Fw: '
2002\01\17@074324 by Russell McMahon

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FYI ex Sugar Rocket list :-)

From: "Jeff Grady" <spam_OUTjgradyTakeThisOuTspamGA.PRESTIGE.NET>
To: <.....SUGPROKILLspamspam@spam@ITC.UCI.EDU>

>         I bought my son a LEGO Mindstorm Inventions 2.0 kit for Christmas
and went
> looking for websites that show what others have done with the LEGO RCX. I
> also found a list and joined it. By lurking on that list, I have found
> very interesting sites involved in selling/hacking/building/reverse
> engineering mostly LEGO components, but a ton of great info happens to be
> available that you might find applicable to mechanics, electro-mechanics,
> microprocessors, telemetry, etc used in rocketry. What I thought was a
> really expensive ($200.00) toy turns out to be a great learning tool for
> kids. My son can't put it down - says he wants to be an engineer
> 9 years old.
> Here's the address for the list:

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