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'[EE]: LCD dead ?'
2002\08\02@150334 by VisNaicker et al)

      ...  sob ....

I thinks dead .... I bought it two years ago . A LM052L.
2x16 44780 type. Never found the correct datasheet . Soldered
it with shaking hands , earthed iron , amongst anti-static
packaging , in the middle of a large , empty room at the
peak of a South African summer at high humidity.

Attempted a few different circuits to set it up . That
LCD tut from EPE , a parallel port circuit , and another .
None ever worked.

Upon switch on , previously , one row used to be barely -
and I mean barely - visible for a few seconds and then
thereafter nothing . "Contrast" was set by a trimmer 10 K
across 5V . Some contrast . Also pumped a -3V voltage to
it to see if it was one of _those_.

But it never worked . Ever . I paid over $12 for it .. sob...
How can I tell if it dead ? How do I move on ? Should I
get another one or do I say never again ? I had such plans
high hopes for it . Meant to make it dockable so that I
could dock it to other projects I had in mind. Like the
frequency meter / inductance/capacitance/resistance meter /
alarm / timer etc . But are they to be stillborn as well ?

Oh I feel like ending it all . I think I'll go flash a LED.

Any ideas ?

Vis Naicker

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2002\08\02@151626 by Dominic Stratten

Bit of a roundabout way of doing it but download Winamp, go to the website and download the LCD plugin (LCDisplayer) or better
still go to the authors website and download the latest version - works much
better. I had mine up and running in 30 minutes start to finish - you need
to connect it to the Printer Parallel port.

There might be easier ways of doing it but I test loads of my LCD's via this
small application (and it looks good too ;)


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2002\08\02@152913 by Jeremy Walworth

Put the LED down, and step away from it, it's not worth it....

Got a PIC to hook it to?  There's a bunch of code out there for 44780 type
LCD's.  Heck, I'll send you some simple code.


At 09:06 PM 8/2/02 +0200, you wrote:
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Jeremy S. Walworth
"I fly, I sail, I throw caution to the wind"  -Jimmy Buffett

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2002\08\02@193659 by Jinx

face picon face
If I get an LCD without a manual (and I try not to) the first
thing to do is trace the connector back to the 44780. On
more than one occassion this has saved me doing fatal
damage to the LCD. The data pins can be inverted, RS
EN and R/W get swapped around and some mongrel even
made one with the power lines opposite to standard. You
can get the 44780 data sheet here

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