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'[EE]: ICSP'
2000\11\02@172334 by Tony Nixon

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Hi all,

Dan M has been very kind in helping recently - many many thanks :-), but
I thought I might be bugging a busy person too much.

Making this multy V verify programmer socket/ICSP port is proving to be
a bit of a teaser.

A simple interface circuit has been drawn up and tested, but I thought
the interface might work better with a 'stiffer' drive capabillity.

I sat down with Horowitz last night and came up with another idea,
albeit a little bit more complex.

The 74HC4049 works with 2V to 6V VCC but can accept input levels higher
than VCC (upto 15V). The only problem is the bi-directional data line.

The 7407 is open collector, and spare gates are available already.

If anyones interested, the 2 circuits are visible here...

Any comments appreciated.

Best regards



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2000\11\02@193412 by Dan Michaels

Tony Nixon wrote:

>If anyones interested, the 2 circuits are visible here...
>Any comments appreciated.

Hi Tony, not sure if you received my last msg offlist,
but maybe you can find a 3-state 'HC inverter, so you can
use the right-hand ckt, and do away with the pull-up
resistors, and get more drive that way.

- danM

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