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'[EE]: Giant dot-matrix displays Densitron'
2000\08\22@223631 by Damon Hopkins

Andy Howard wrote:
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Could be... I signed up got an info packet of various goodies. I then
got a call from the regional salesman in my area who was extremely to
the point saying basically "Hi this is the densitron guy, I just wanted
to call you give you my phone number and if you need anything give me a
call." He also mentioned that he had most everything there in his office
and could demo it if I wanted. I thanked him and that was it. no
pressure no questions or anything.. I wrote his name and number down (I
never do that) just in case I needed it at some point.

               Just one experience,
                       Damon Hopkins
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2000\08\23@064750 by Andy Howard

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Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 3:39 AM
Subject: Re: [EE]: Giant dot-matrix displays Densitron

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Yep, that's certainly good, if only all sales droids were so sensible.

My problem comes when I'm browsing to see what's available and I'm asked to
register before I can even see details of the product, (datasheets etc.) to
decide if I want to pursue the matter.

I have this nightmare vision where every site I goto to browse datasheets
wanted me to register... I'd never get any work done like that. Like many
designers I often browse the data just to see what's available, in fact some
quite good products have come from one of those "Ah-ha" serendipity moments
when checking out datasheets on a manufacturers site.


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