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'[EE]: Free (for the cost of shipping) Oscilloscope'
2008\04\20@204122 by Sean Breheny

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Hi all,

I have an old (probably late 1970s) Tektronix 7704A oscilloscope,
similar to the one shown here:

I bought it used in 1998 and it served as my main scope until I got a
DSO in 2005. I've had to do minor repairs several times (twice a
capacitor failed shorted and had to be replaced, and once the
horizontal deflection transistors failed and I had to replace them).

I would like to give this to someone who is willing to pay shipping
for it. In total, you'd be looking at a box weight of something like
40 lbs and dimensions of about 36 inches by 20 by 20. Roughly UPS
Ground for this within the US is between $40 and $100 depending on
destination and how small I can safely make the box. International
rates would probably be prohibitive but I'd be willing to try if you

Alternatively, if you live near Boston, MA, you could pick it up at my

The specs and details are below. I will choose from among the emails I
get. Please email me if you are interested and explain why you want
this scope. I'd rather do it this way than "first come first serve"
because time zones may cause some to see it before others.

- 200MHz Analog Scope
- Up to quad trace, depending on plugins
- Comes with one working 7A26 dual-channel vertical amp, one
non-working 7A26, one working 7B53 horizontal timebase, and one set of
7B80/7B85 timebases (untested)
- Presently working, nice bright CRT, probably going to have small
component failures every few months considering its age.
- With the plugins provided, it can be at least dual trace (quad if
you can get the second 7A26 working, or buy one on eBay or similar),
and do holdoff, delayed sweep, intensified/magnified sweep.
- On screen readout of present settings.
- Vertical sensitivity down to 5mV per division. Horizontal to 5ns per
div (7B53) or 1ns/div (7B80/7B85)
- Comes with service manual for the scope mainframe itself (not for the plugins)
- Comes with two cheap aftermarket 100MHz probes
- Can be used as a display for the various Tek 7000 series spectrum
analyzer plugins
- All transistors and ICs except for CRT itself.
- Note that it is bulky and heavy (Roughly 12x12x24 inches and 30
lbs). Not really portable.

This scope is great for analog electronics work. It can be used for
PIC debugging although bear in mind that it has no storage abilities.
You CAN, however, adjust the delay time between trigger and sweep so
you can see, for example, individual bits in a serial datastream, BUT
only if they are not changing much over time.

I don't have a photo offhand but I can send one if people would like.
I'd prefer payment for shipping via Paypal but we can work something
else out if needed.



2008\04\21@012603 by Sean Breheny

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I've already had several inquiries but I went ahead and took a photo anyway:

This photo does not show the additional plugins or the two scope probes.

Sometime tomorrow I should decide who will receive it. Sorry for the suspense ;)


On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 8:40 PM, Sean Breheny <> wrote:
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2008\04\21@101841 by Bob Axtell

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Sean, I will probably give you a UPS GROUND number within the hour.
Just need permission. My young engineers could make use of it.


Sean Breheny wrote:
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2008\04\23@173119 by Sean Breheny

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Hi all,

Well, I received several requests for the scope and the one I selected
was Stephen Barnes. Sorry I don't have more to give :)


2008\04\23@180443 by Stephen D. Barnes

I have been corresponding with Sean off list about the details but would
like to thank him publicly as well!
Thank you Sean and I am really honored to have been selected!
The first thing the scope will be used for is to look at PWM signals
generated by my dsPIC30F2010 robot project!

Stephen D. Barnes

Sean Breheny wrote:
> Hi all,
> Well, I received several requests for the scope and the one I selected
> was Stephen Barnes. Sorry I don't have more to give :)
> Sean

2008\04\23@212017 by Mark Scoville

Congrats to Steven... he'll enjoy it! The 7704's were (and still are!)
really nice scopes.

Kudos to Sean for finding it a good home!

-- Mark

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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:30:57 -0400
Subject: Re: [EE]: Free (for the cost of shipping) Oscilloscope

> Hi all,
> Well, I received several requests for the scope and the one I selected
> was Stephen Barnes. Sorry I don't have more to give :)
> Sean
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