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'[EE]: Fbus and M2bus related (again) [OT]'
2000\06\04@014445 by :-=jug=-:

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Is there anybody can share or give me a circuits for Fbus or M2bus for Nokia
51xx,32xx and 61xx which is not using MAX232?

Thanks in advance...

Best regards,


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just hoping that your okey!!!

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2000\06\04@055643 by Mircea Ciocan

M2BUS (Fbus also but with MAX232):

Here is another colection of diagrams where you can see that MAX232 is
just a level shifter with an integrated voltage generator:

Maxim will offer you FREE MAX 232 and 2322 here:

Here you can find the data sheet:

       And after all that you are still not able to hack a dual voltage power
supply and some level switchers you relly shouldnt be in that
electronics job.

       And BTW, using all that took me almost 5 minutes !!!!


                       Mircea C.

:-=jug=-: wrote:
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