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PICList Thread
'[EE]: Electronic application notes'
2001\09\01@111056 by Russell McMahon

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Microsemi application notes.
Some useful tutorial level papers.
Mainly PDFs.

MicroNote Application Notes

Miscellaneous, Series 50

Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size

5 Care and Handling of Diodes 37KB
10 How to Quickly Obtain Spice Data
20 Plating and Solder Dipping 88KB
50 Radiation Hardened Performance of Discrete Semis 44KB
60 MIL-PRF-19500 Qual Chips vs. MIL-PRF-38534 27KB
Transient Voltage Suppressors, Series 100
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
100 MicroNote Index and Summary 52KB
101 A Primer on TVS Devices 1058KB
102 An Introduction to TVS Devices 555KB
103 What is a TVS? 399KB
104 Using the Power vs Time Curve 139KB
105 What is a Thyristor Surge Protector Device 119KB
106 Crowbars and Clamps 589KB
107 Cross Referencing TVS Devices 593KB
108 Determining Clamping Voltages for Pulse Currents 391KB
109 Protecting from ESD 649KB
110 Parasitic Capacitance in TVS 564KB
111 Parasitic Lead Inductance in TVS 564KB
112 Series Stacking TVS devices for Higher Current 932KB
113 Parallel Stacking TVS devices for Higher Current 898KB
114 Derating TVS devices for Higher Junction Temp 918KB
115 Derating TVS at Elevated Temp for varying XXX 690KB
116 Protection at a Transformer 167KB
117 Protecting USB Data I/O Ports 244KB
118 TVS/Chip Product Overview 217KB
120 Selecting TVS with PPP and Waveform Considerations 839KB
121 Protecting Data I/O ports with TVSArrays
122 Transient Protection across High Data Rate & RF Lines 50KB
123 Effective use of Space Saving TVSArrays 39KB
125 How to Select a Transient Voltage Suppressor 39KB
Zener & Zero TC Reference Diodes, Series 200
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
201 An Introduction to Zener Diodes
202 Zener Voltage Regulation with Current
203 Zener Voltage Regulation with Temperature
204 Zener Voltage Regulation and Thermal Resistance
205 Zero-TC Reference Diodes
Rectifiers and Diodes, Series 300
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
301 Introduction to Rectifiers
302 Rectifier Reverse Switching Performance
303 Introduction to Rectifier Bridges and Dual Diodes
Schottky Rectifiers, Series 400
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
401 Introduction to Schottky Rectifiers
402 High Temperature Reverse Bias
SCRs and Triacs, Series 600
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
601 Nanosecond SCR Switch for Reliable High Current Pulse Generators and
Modulators 164KB
RF and PIN Diodes, Series 700
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
701 PIN Diode Fundamentals
702 IFF Systems use PIN Diodes
703 PINs & GaAs MESFET Switches-Effects On Linearity 120KB
704 The Potential use of RF PIN Diodes in Hand Held Transceivers 151KB
705 RF Frequency Linear Tuning Varactors 176KB
706 Low Distorition RF FM Generation and Detection Using Hyper-Abrupt Tuning
Diodes 444KB
707 RF HF-VHF-UHF Voltage Controlled Oscillators using HyperAbrupt Tuning
Diodes 162KB
708 The Advantages of PIN Diode Switches Over MESFET Switches for IEEE
802.11a High Speed Wireless LAN Applications 186KB
MOSFETs and IGBTs, Series 900
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
901 Introduction to MOSFETs
SCSI Solutions, Series 1200
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
1201 (AN-1) Understanding the Single-Ended SCSI Bus 225KB
1202 (AN-2) Ultra2 SCSI White Paper 122KB
Power Supply, Series 1300
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
1301 (AN-6) Power Solutions for Flexible Motherboards 251KB
1302 (AN-7) A Simple Current-Sense Technique Eliminating a Sense Resistor
1303 (AN-8) Hiccup Mode Current Limiting 158KB
1304 (AN-9) Modulated Constant Off-Time Control Mechanism 78KB
1305 (AN-10) Design Procedure for MicroProcessor Buck Regulators 323KB
Backlight Inverters, Series 1400
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
1401 (AN-13) LX1686 Backlight CCFL Direct Drive Design Reference 225KB
Audio Products, Series 1500
Article  Subject/Title   PDF Size
1501 (AN-11) LX1720: High-Efficiency Class-D, Stereo Audio Amplifier
Controller IC 193KB

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