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'[EE]: Eagle copper pour question'
2006\02\17@163145 by Rob Robson

Hopefully this will be the last hurdle I encounter in learning Eagle.  I'm
trying to do a copper pour on the bottom layer, call it "GND", and connect
it to some "ground" vias that I've already created.  I use the polygon tool
to outline the area of the pour, set the isolation to 12 mils, and hit
"ratsnest" to fill in the blue layer.  So far, so good.  Then I try to name
the layer "GND" by selecting the NAME tool and clicking on the pour.   No
go: it just grabs the nearest net, even with CHANGE - LAYER set to Bottom.
Because things _look_ okay, I bypass the naming step and carry on.   When I
run short traces from the pour to the vias that need to be grounded, Eagle
creates an additional via on top of the one I'd already placed.  Again,
things _look_ okay, so I continue.  When CAM is run and the resulting
gerbers are viewed, there is suddenly an additional 12mil gap around every
ground via and all the short traces I'd created to link them to the pour.
I'm guessing that the cause of the problem is that the pour hadn't been
named "GND", but no amount of Googling has revealed how to do this or
whether there are any other steps I may be missing.  Please help!


2006\02\17@165612 by Randy Glenn

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Hi Rob,

Try naming the edge of the polygon that you originally drew.

Good luck!


On 2/17/06, Rob Robson <> wrote:
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> -

2006\02\17@173707 by Rob Robson

That did it!  Many thanks!!!


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