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'[EE]: Diode question on the "El Cheapo" programmer'
2001\07\13@145013 by Michael A. Powers


I am building the "El Cheapo" programmer according to Myke Predko's design as specified in his book Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller.  The design specifies the use of 1N914 diodes.  It says that "Any Small Signal Silicon Diode can be used for this application".  I bought diodes labeled "Silicon Zener Diodes, 30V, 1W, 5% Tol", part 1N4751AT.  My question: are these parts compatible for this application?  Voltages stay beneath 15V at all times.

Thanks for your help,


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2001\07\13@153218 by Douglas Butler

In a word "yes", those diodes will work.
Zener diodes have an added feature that they "breakdown" repeatably at
precisly 30V, and they are usually used at the edge of such breakdown.
Below their 30V Zener voltage they behave as ordinary diodes.

Sherpa Doug

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2001\07\13@153232 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

picon face
It might well work because you stay below the zener (breakdown) voltage of
the diodes, but it is not very neat. Why not use much cheaper stuff like the
common 1N4148?

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2001\07\13@180710 by myke predko

Hi Mike,

Same comment as Wouter - while the Zener should work, I'd encourage you to
use the specified 1N914 or 1N4148 diodes (small signal diodes you can buy at
"Radio Shack").

As for the diodes you've bought, I'm surprised that they would fit in the
holes of the PCB - 1 Watt Diodes are a lot larger than the 1N4148/1N914.

{Original Message removed}

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