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'[EE]: Design rules for amateur PCBs...'
2002\11\03@215012 by William Chops Westfield

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Does anyone have guesses (or better) as to appropriate "design rules"
(minimum line width, minimum spacing, hole/pad ratio, etc) for various
types of amateur PCB construction, such as:

1) Draw with sharpie or other permanant marker.
2) toner transfer
3) photo-sensitive resist using printed transparency as "film"
4) etc?

(All using typical amateur etchants under typical amateut conditions.)

Any other guidelines if you're designing a PCB for hobbyists?
(no plated through holes -> vias should be on component leads where it's
practical to solder both sides, or off by themselves.)
(Drill accuracy is limitted.) (etc)

Bill W

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2002\11\06@015814 by James Newton, webhost

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We will after you write it! <GRIN>

James Newton: webmaster, former Admin #3  1-619-652-0593 phone

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