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PICList Thread
'[EE]: Cracked version of Protel'
2002\03\06@180736 by Olin Lathrop

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This came accross the MIT PIC list (email list for Microchip PIC
microcontrollers).  Thought you might like to know...

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2002\03\07@090750 by Olin Lathrop

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> Your tattletale message to Protel was accidentally misaddressed to
> the piclist.

Actually I CCed the PIC list, but the list server edited the header so that
it didn't appear that way.  I didn't know it was going to do that.

> Sigh... Just think of all the useful work you could be doing (or
> genuinely useful advice you could be giving) with the time you waste
> on this crap.

Software piracy hurts us all.  Occasionally we have to stand up and say that
it's wrong.  We'll never know how many more messages about using cracked
sotware were averted on the PIC list by sending that message.

Olin Lathrop, embedded systems consultant in Littleton Massachusetts
(978) 742-9014,,

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2002\03\07@113612 by Lawrence Lile

Olin is in the right here.  If somebody is using cracked software, I don't
want to be their accomplice.  If somebody is using cracked software that I
wrote, I'd be upset.  Let them keep it to themselves, or better yet pony up.


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2002\03\07@114624 by Bob Blick

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On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Olin Lathrop wrote:
> sotware were averted on the PIC list by sending that message.

Yes, I agree. Protel is "sotware", the worst kind, too :) Friends don't
let friends use Protel sotware. Or you'll be a sot.



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2002\03\07@131839 by Milan Pavlica YU7AEC

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That's right...use ACCEL or PCAD :)))))

Bob Blick wrote:

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org:SuperSonic Systems
fn:Milan Pavlica

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2002\03\08@040825 by Cristian C.

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