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'[EE]: Community ed class'
2006\01\27@231439 by Gus Salavatore Calabrese

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look at

click on  the "TiniARM" button

Tini2131    $29
Tini2131_DKit   $64

IsoMax[ARM]                 $20.00                                                  
A MaxForth core enhanced with a fully supported state machine  
programming paradigm, 1 us timeouts, queues, high level interrupts,  
fuzzy logic, random numbers, flash storage, full peripheral register  
access, autobooting, floating point, interactive development, full 32  
bit, double numbers for 64 bit, debug facilities and it runs real  
fast. This software is exclusively used with NMI's product(SBC) only.  
Signed license agreement is required
IsoMax[Additional_License]     $5.00


( I have no connection with New Micros except as a customer )

2006\01\28@055937 by Shawn Wilton

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I personally think the AVR Butterfly would be an excellent choice as
mentioned before.  Self contained package, plenty of room for additional
projects, powerful, cheap, and of course a free (restrictionless) C

If you were so interested, you could even show them a little linux at the
same time.  My (previous) school moved all of their architecture and
embedded courses to Atmel128 based boards,  designed in house (sweet boards
really) and give students a custom (free) copy of Knoppix.  Knoppix is a
(Live CD) Linux distro you can run from a CD/DVD.    It has all the gcc-avr
extensions installed, and ready to go.  If you want the links, I can contact
some people and figure out where they're hosting the CD image now days.
It's 100% free software, all GPL.  All you need to save your code is either
disk space on the computer, or preferably a USB thumb drive.  Don't even
need to worry about having admins install the compilers on the machines.
Just give the students a copy of the CD, tell them where they can download a
new one if they loose it, and you have just alleviated half of your
potential problems when teaching a new class.

Just some ideas.

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